Michael Johns, aka ‘Money M’ grew up in Brentwood New York. As a kid he was dazzled and heavily inspired by music. He first started listening to Michael Jackson; before he could go off to school he had to watch one of his videos, or his day wouldn’t be as bright. Michael was raised by his grandparents. When he turned eight he moved to North Carolina, away from his mother and family. Five years after his grandfather passed away - who was the only real father figure in his life. This was the turning point which opened Pandora’s box.

Three months later he moved back to New York, to a town called Wyandanch. Here he heard fierce mc’s which made him want to be one of the best. While living in Wyandanch Michael befriended Anthony Lee who soon became like a brother - they had the same taste in music, art, and fashion. The two boys became part of a team known as ‘FGO’ which shortly after turned into ‘Triple D Boys.’ Triple D Boys stands for Discipline, Dedication, and Determination (not necessarily in that order.) Their music consists of fierce bars and hot hooks - ‘swagged’ out to the T. Michaels life was abruptly changed by the death of Anthony Lee. He vowed to make a difference within his life by continuously staying positive. His music is fueled by pain and passion, which is heard in his lyrics if you listen close…. Money M Dot Bangers!